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Robert    Haslam      was    an    architect    from    Gloucestershire    who    lived    in Wonersh   and   in   September   1928   he   offered   to   erect   a   bus   shelter   to replace   the   original   signpost   in   the   centre   of   the   village.   This   offer   was initially     turned     down     by     Hambledon     Rural     District     Council     as potentially   being   a   serious   danger   to   traffic   and   it   wasn’t   until   a   year later, in October 1929, that the Pepperpot was eventually built. Although   he   lived   in   Mill   House,     Robert   Haslam     also   owned   Wonersh Park   Mansion   and   estate,   having   bought   it   from   the   Sudbury   family   in 1914.      By   the   late   1920’s,   the   Mansion   was   in   a   state   of   disrepair   and   it was    demolished.        There    is    local    belief    that    the    oak    beams    of    the Pepper   Pot   may   have   come   from   the   demolished   Mansion   and   the   tiles from   the   Ice   House   in   the   grounds   of   the   Mansion   but   unfortunately, there is no documentary evidence to verify this.


The Pepper Pot 1932
Original signpost 1908
Hambledon   RDC   may   have   seen   the   Pepper   Pot   as   a   serious danger to traffic but in this fight the traffic won. Between    1973    and    1991    the    Pepper    Pot    suffered    no    less than    six    vehicle    collisions    and,    perhaps    fortunately,    its original use as a bus shelter is long past.
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